Monday, March 24, 2014

Guilty But Busy

Hello hellebores!
OK, so I broke my resolution. It happens. I'm still a good person at heart.

My excuse? I'm back at work at the Barn Nursery, and despite our less-than-spring-like weather, I have been picking up side jobs that have been burning a lot of time and calories. Meanwhile, my yard awaits my attention. But at least my hellebores are smiling on me, especially the one that my co-worker extraordinaire Craig gave me last summer.

This 75-footer came down without a hitch.

Mason's been busy, too, with the endless tasks that come with our crazy mountain life. His highest priority has been restocking all the firewood we've been burning through this Evil Winter From Hell.  So far we've felled seven trees, totaling 600 feet. One more tree to go and we should be good for Winter 2014-15. Check that off the never-ending list.
While I was at work, Mason decided that our 35 broadcast TV channels (10 of which are religious, in multiple languages) weren't enough, so he's in the process of moving our antenna to the top of the roofline. For the record, he knows he's not allowed on the roof while I'm not here, but does he listen?? Not so much.

Other Flat Top news: The little cabin behind us is back up for sale. Any fellow adventurers out there?

And a final note: I'm typing this as I wait on hold on the 1-800 ObamaCare hotline.  The recording warned me that if I'm calling from a cell phone, I should make sure it's fully charged. Anyone want to wager how long I might be on hold?