Friday, March 31, 2017


The first stalks out of the ground.
I could not overstate my excitement about the sight of asparagus stalks pushing up out of the dirt. How cool is that? I get to harvest just a few this spring; next year I get to harvest it all!! We also have spinach ready to eat, and the lettuce isn't too far behind, as is the arugula. Potatoes are in the ground, as are onion seeds, radishes, carrots and beets. And the floor in front of the sliding glass door upstairs is littered with flower seeds poking out of yogurt and strawberry containers, even out of cut-up paper towel rolls.

Yes, I'm addicted. I'm also getting my fix down at The Barn Nursery, where I'm back on weekends telling customers how to make the most of their yards.

Mason has been spending his days harassing the squirrels, who keep getting into our bird feeders. I've told the squirrels that the man is retired and has nothing better to do than to keep his slingshot aimed in their direction. Alas, they don't listen.

Mason is also about to get jiggy building a carport. The first round of wood has been purchased, so we're in it to win it. Stand by for progress pics.

The spinach is ready to pick, the lettuce is coming along,
and that's a year's worth of garlic in back.