Sunday, February 22, 2015

Showering With a Garden Hose

Mason and Nick, napping on my Mom's front porch. In his defense, we kept him busy with lots of Mr. Fix-It tasks. 

I just took a fantastic hot shower. In our shower. With a garden hose. With the garden spray nozzle set on "shower," of course. Now, granted, it was my first shower in four days.

Just another glamorous Flat Top story. You see, we were out of town. In Texas. Doing the family thing. And we turned off the water to the cabin while we were gone and opened the faucets. Well, at least we THOUGHT we opened the faucets. But it seems the shower head never really drained, and Flat Top hit 3 degrees the night before we got back.

You people with thermostat-controlled heat just don't know how good you've got it. Or maybe you do.

OK, enough details. The shower's busted and we're on standby until a burst overhead pipe is repaired. Think: Tile and backer board removal, etc. Luckily, Mason went to the MacGyver School of Innovation and fixed us up with a stand-by shower.

Other details: Before we drove to Texas, I flew there, then drove back with Mom and her dog, Will. We house-hunted for a week while her house sale fell apart in Texas, so she returned home without being able to buy. Then she sold her house again, while we all were in Texas, so she was flying back to Chattanooga tomorrow. Except that her flight got canceled due to a Texas ice storm.

Yeah, the last month has been a bit nonstop. So a busted shower? Meh.

Meanwhile, could someone tell me what the hell happened to the 60-degree February days we enjoyed during our first Flat Top winter?

Ice caked on our bedroom balcony door. Welcome home.