Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mixing It Up

After months of scouting tillers now and then on Craigslist, we finally got serious about our hunt last week, and sure enough, two days later we had ourselves a fine Craftsman rear-tiner. Two days after that,  I had purchased grass seed and dug up about 800 square feet of our "back yard." Dug down about 5 inches, then mixed in manure and peat. The next step called for leveling and flattening the new lawn space with a rented "roller." Screw that. Mason chainsawed off a fat hunk of a downed tree trunk, and we rolled that around (it took two of us) until we had a nice level future lawn. Hopefully we'll see some sprouts in the next few days.

Once I got my hands on that machine -- and make no mistake, this is MY toy, not Mason's -- I couldn't resist doing some more yard work with it, so I tore up the front bed and some spots here and there, and then planted a few new shrubs and moved a few others around. So far I've completed 5% of the plantings I have planned out in my head. Yes, I dream in green.

Oh, and Mason? He's made a fine run at a long list of assorted projects, including reinstalling the interior wood planks that we took down when we installed the French doors, and OH, finishing the bathroom! Guess I better post some photos of that tomorrow. That is, unless tomorrow turns out like today, when I curled up on a living room chair and read half a novel, while Mason hammered out crossword puzzles and roamed the property aimlessly. The truth is out: We do have the occasional lazy day!

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