Monday, May 7, 2012

How's the Kitchen, You Ask?

OK, here's my vision for the "new" kitchen, minus the little center island. Yes, I'm a doodler. In 2002, when I was selling all my belongings ahead of our sailing adventure, I drew little depictions of my furniture and posted it in my apartment building's lobby. It sold surprisingly fast. If only I had listened more often when my artist mom gave me her artist tips.

So, what I failed to envision for our kitchen remodel was what a challenge it was going to be to buy the cabinets from IKEA.  Yes, I realized the closest IKEA was in Atlanta, almost 3 hours' drive south. And I figured at least two trips would be required. But Trip No. 3 is already on the docket, thanks to finding a giant crack in the farmhouse sink when we opened the box today.

Always something, right? Oh, did I mention we still have no air conditioning in the Jeep? And temps have been in the 90s. (Some relief in sight this week, I'm happy to report.) And one more thing: Nick barks at every single semitrailer truck we pass on the interstate. It's a quick but brutal road trip.

But there has been progress. The new electronic-free propane range is ready to go, and seven of the 10 cabinets are built. Next is ripping up the flooring so we can start tiling and installing everything. But that doesn't happen until IKEA Journey No. 3, which means my third on-the-road Egg McMuffin breakfast and 50-cent IKEA hot dog lunch in a week. Kitchen remodeling is hell for my good health.


  1. Building this kitchen is quite an adventure. I think it's sweet that you are willing to drive that far to the nearest Ikea. That would take me quirw a distance into the other side of my own country. Good luck!

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  3. Seeing this makes me think that visiting Flat Top would be something like entering an A-ha video. This both dates me and proves that my imagination is hopelessly obscure.

    It's a nice sketch, in any case.