Friday, March 22, 2013

It Had To Happen

No, no, this isn't our back yard. (Yet.) Ha! I wish. This is an early spring photo from the shrub section of the Barn Nursery, my new employer. Yup, I'm a working girl again. I scored a job at the best nursery in town, only for spring, but I may possibly be able to stay on longer.  So far, I'm loving it. I get to help customers pick out plants, and even do some landscape design when a customer wants it; there's also lots of watering and deadheading, not to mention heavy lifting and constant walking around the acre's worth of plants. I work in the perennial, tree and shrub area -- pure heaven!!

Now after two years of "vacation," it's been an adjustment. (For example, I have to set an alarm clock now for the first time after decades of night-shift work. AND ... we had to buy a battery-operated alarm clock, as we don't run our precious electricity 24/7, and the cell phone alarms are unreliable, as the clock function jumps back and forth between Central and Eastern time. Our lives are tough.)

But the extra cash will come in handy for that guest cabin, not to mention my gardening addiction. It's been an adjustment for Mason, too, who has strict instructions on NO CHAINSAW work while I'm not around.

Stay tuned for the photos of the plants I blow my first paycheck on.

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  1. How exciting. That sounds like a job I would enjoy, or maybe that was in my former life. I'm sure that for you this is the perfect spot and now I can't wait to see what your own landscaping job will look like.