Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nail Gun Alert

The new shed (right) will sit next to the crowded old one (left), and we'll create a little covered area in between the two. 
Productivity returned to Flat Top today, coincidentally just as the temps climbed back into the upper 50s and the sun returned in full glory. The project du jour? Shed No. 2.

Another shed, you wonder? Well, take a look at how crowded that first one is. We're really not pack rats. We do a good job about tossing/recycling/donating all those things we don't use. But when you live on the mountain and are constantly in a state of construction, you need a lot of tools. Not to mention that my gardening affliction requires a mower, tiller and a wood chipper/leaf shredder. The final straw came when Mason refused to start building the guest cabin until he got his cluttered shed resolved, and I want that damn guest cabin, so ...  meet Shed No. 2.

Mason exceeded expectations today by getting all but one small wall up. Me? I helped now and then, but spent most my time on an art project that's going to be a Christmas gift, as long as it ends up looking more crafty than crappy.

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