Sunday, January 26, 2014

No. 5: Paint Ceiling

The Chinese fan palm was a serious score from the Barn Nursery,
 where I expect to head back to work soon.

No. 5 on my "Month Off To-Do List" was "paint ceiling and beams." And while it's not done yet, we've made major progress in the loft. The ceiling in the cabin is/was unfinished particle board. Fancy pants, eh? And the beams were raw. Of course, if we had a decent income, we'd cover that particle board with slats of real wood. But for now, paint will do ...

After four long days of inhaling a large amount of paint fumes, we've got the entire loft ceiling finished.  There's still a bit more ceiling to do, but it's the part over the living room, which means we're going to need to build some scaffolding to delicately balance on atop of ladders in order to get that portion painted. And because I don't want to splatter paint on our wood stove, that portion of the project will wait until it's warm enough to not have a fire burning, so we can tarp the stove. And with another cold blast headed our way tomorrow, that may be awhile. Our lives are complicated, eh?

The ceiling looks pretty decent now, which means our attention is focused on that gawd-awful unfinished plywood you can see on the walls. Adding that project to the Spring To-Do List.

Love all that natural light! (And that lamp by the bed?
No bulb. The cord doesn't even reach to the one operating outlet upstairs.)


  1. palm fronds. "a light dusting."

  2. Wow, that painted ceiling made a huge difference! Looks fantastic :)