Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lovely, Because It'll Be 68 Next Week

The back yard.
We woke up this morning with close to 8 inches of snow blanketing our little homestead, and it couldn't have been more beautiful. Mostly because we knew it wouldn't be there in just a couple of days, when it hits 60 here, as opposed to Minnesota where it lasts for months. We took an hourlong hike through the white stuff to celebrate!

More snow.
Bring on the sun.
Our boy, who hates cameras.
Our only other news of note is that my winter vacation is finally over. I'm back working at the garden nursery three days a week and already scheming how many plants Mason will let me bring home.  I also already have had a couple of customers from last year contact me about doing more landscape designs for them, so that's kinda cool. The hourlong commute each way, though? Not so cool. And Mason will have to adjust to making his own breakfast now and then -- oh the horrors!

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