Monday, July 14, 2014

What a Difference!

The new wall!
The painted ceiling.
Check another big project off the To-Do List, which is an awfully long list, I might add. This one entailed finishing painting the ceiling (which we started about ... oh, six months ago), and then rebuilding the upper north wall of the cabin. Ever since we moved in more than three years ago, the wall was a major eyesore, with exposed insulation, crappy wallboard and a fine nest of cobwebs.

Today, check out those trimmed windows!! Check out last week's photo and check out the difference in how much more light bounces into the room. Massive improvement, thanks mostly to Mason.

Next up: The upstairs wall on the south side. That will mean a new sliding glass door out to the deck and new siding on the inside. Yup, the fun never ends.

In the meantime, we've also been awfully busy out in the yard, growing vegetables and installing an outdoor shower. More on that tomorrow ...


  1. Lovely! Outdoor shower is on our too-long list, too. We'll be watching closely for tips!

  2. This looks beautiful... When can i expect the well-written magazine spread with before and after photos?

  3. Incredible difference, I love all the light, and the trim! Yay for you two :-)