Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cold and Floorless

The guest room has been overrun during our project hell.
How's the floor project coming along, you ask? A glimpse of our guest room should give you a good hint. And we're expecting a guest to come visit in a few weeks. And that guest is my mom. OY.

Well, at least all of the old floor is now finally gone. So is any shred of warmth. This arctic blast is at least good for one thing: Keeping us away from outdoor projects and focused on the floors. When I couldn't help Mason today, I spent time polishing the silverware, which always gives Mason a good laugh. (Come on, a girl has to have SOME standards, right? Besides, didn't I mention that MOM was coming to visit?)

Tonight we'll hit a low of 6, which is about 54 degrees lower than the weather I can really enjoy. We'll warm ourselves with some brutish Scottish Ale (thanks again, Dean!) and keep the fuel flowing into our trusty wood stove.

Last year these were the nights that some Chattanoogans saw their pipes freeze. But no worries here. That cabin skirting project from a couple of years back means it's a balmy 45 degrees under the cabin right now. And a little propane heater in the well house keeps our water tank from freezing. (Just trying to remind myself that major projects can be a pain in the ass, but EVENTUALLY we'll be happy we did it. Maybe.)


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