Saturday, February 18, 2017

Waiting Out Winter

Watercolor of our cabin by Mom, aka Geraldine Bauhaus Williams.
Sorry for the radio silence for a while there. We experienced a little problem with our online access, as in we ran out of data. Apparently we've been a little too glued to the news. We blame Trump. For so, so many things.

Luckily there has been little to report from our little corner of the forest. No, there's been no snow. In fact, there's hardly even been much winter.  Maybe to make up for that, my mom gave me a painting of our cabin nestled in snow. Lovely, isn't it? She stays very busy in her art room and at the local community center, where I occasionally will model (fully clothed) for a group of painters.

A painting of me by one of Mom's cohorts.
My little Meyer's lemon tree finally produced a nice crop. Please notice those long, clean fingernails. This only happens in winter, if it happens at all. And they're about to get clipped off, because I'm headed back to the Barn Nursery next weekend. I'll only be working two days a week for the spring season. We had just done our taxes when they called to see if I was interested in working again. Timing is everything.

My first homegrown Meyer lemon. Yes!!

Last week we started the Great Firewood Harvest for Winter 2017-18. We felled a 100-plus-foot oak. I should have made a video of it; it's so spectacular to see such a majestic, massive beast fall to the ground. I always weep for the tree. Mason only weeps the next day, when he can barely move after all that chainsaw work.

It looks like spring is right around the corner. The daffodils are threatening to bloom soon, and I'll be starting a bunch of seeds inside next week. I've got to get the seed potatoes ordered, and convince Mason that I need another trailer load of compost. Yes, the fever is spiking.

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