Thursday, October 14, 2010

Am I really doing this? Why didn't these women talk me out of this? They call themselves my friends. But do friends let friends quit good-paying jobs and run off with dreams of goats and gardens? People, beware of these women. I think they just wanted my great wardrobe...  Bitches.


  1. The sweaters, the shoes, the trousers, the jackets ... it all looked better on you, though.

  2. This is going to say Lindsay posted it, but it's actually me, Courtnay. Weird google glitch I cannot fix. Sorry ... Here's my actual post:

    I also took your chair. I didn't adjust it. I just sat down, hoping I'd gain some of your perspective or I'd become infused by you or think you were still here somehow. But you're not. But I have your chair! (And lamps, and wrist guard and the lovely pencil holder with the Korean Declaration! I gave your tape dispenser to Michiela so she got something too.) I'm also looking at the photo of you and Mason now. I'm pretending it's your weekend or you're on a short holiday and that you'll be back soon. But there's an emptiness from your pod that's echoing here so I know that's not true. I feel lucky we got the stuff you left behind, especially the memories and all that love from your big, big heart! Miss you already!