Friday, October 15, 2010

Priority One: Deposit Big Fat Check in Bank

This morning I owned a home in the hip Minneapolis suburbs. Tonight I'm shacked up at a motel in Ames, Iowa, and waiting on a pizza delivery.  This may not seem like a good thing. But lemme tell you how good it felt to deposit that big fat check.  We're throwing back a home brew (we can't afford that fancy store-bought stuff anymore) and still wondering: What the hell have I done? (Mason's toast: "Hope I didn't just ruin your life again.") He cracks me up.


  1. (It's not Lindsay again)... So proud of you both! And I'm not merely talking about using the new camera and posting this fab pix on your blog! ;)

  2. LOVE the photo. Good job! Look at you and your great use of depth of field ;)

    I thought of you yesterday when the contractor/architect were over. They said the same as you and Mason: Gut it. Words like that make me nervous.