Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Different Kind of Derby Day Party

Today officially marked the beginning of the pole barn and shed project. Yesterday we staked out where the two buildings will go, and today we started taking down a few trees that were in the way. Big trees.  Sixty-foot-tall trees. There was digging, chain-sawing, pulling, tugging and ... finally, success:

Mason often rates his days by how many toys -- oops, I mean tools -- he gets to use. Today was a good day. There were two chain saws, a tow chain, a tractor, a truck, a 100-foot-long steel cable, an ax, lopers and more. Pretty much, it was Mason in his heyday (what could possibly go wrong here?):

Alas, we got two massive trees down and chopped up JUST in time to come inside and watch the Kentucky Derby with one of our super-delicious Blonde Ale home brews in hand. I can't watch the race without thinking of my dad. His great-grandmother, Nanny Haskins, brought up the Williams family in Kentucky. Mason and I considered buying the old family homestead, before we realized how far from anything it is.  It's still there, though. So, as always, a toast to Dad and the Williams family today -- and a fabulous race.

Here's our toast ... and while the focus is a bit off, check out Mason's poor overworked, filthy thumb:


  1. So happy to hear that you guys found something fun to do on derby day. Does Mason have a pair of leather chaps yet for chain-saw work? That would be smart choice on his part.

    Also, the crab-apple tree that you recommeded for me is just starting to have buds on it. Can't wait to see it...

  2. Derby Day is not the same without y'all. I never knew the backstory and Kentucky heritage. No wonder a Southern twang is creeping into your blogging voice. (Ah luuuuuuv it.)

    Mason's tree-felling adventures are impressive. I may have to send for him to come on up to Loveless....

    I'm with "More photos Dvorak." It's incredible to behold this wonderful life you're creating.

    Longshots are winning roses, and everything.