Tuesday, May 17, 2011


See? We really have been hard at work!! Well, Mason has, at least. The shed walls and roof are up. The window is in. There will be a door (on the left) and a garage door (on the right).  I feel a bit bad that we are blocking out that forest view, but we have about another 200 degrees of it, so I guess we can't complain.  Once the shed is done, we'll build a "pole barn" in front of it. The barn is basically 12 tree trunks and a metal roof, creating an open-air workshop area for Mason to work in -- and the rest of us to play darts in.

I help Mason when he needs me, which usually involves lifting something heavy (OK, heavy for me, at least), but I've spent most of the past few days putting plants into the ground: The last of the lavender that I sprouted inside this winter and a few other things.

Unrelated notes: The Farm Bureau Insurance (that's right: FBI) guy came out today to get us a quote on fire (at least) coverage. He only lives about 5 miles from here -- a 45-minute drive he said -- but called this "The end of the Earth," after we guided him in for the final mile. A VERY affable fellow. We'll see how the quote goes ...
Also, in the past few weeks we've learned that we have not one but two local "markets" (open-air stands) that sell produce and plants grown on Flat Top.  Check out these strawberries!! Picked fresh for us that very day! (And yes, that's the local newspaper touting Chattanooga's own "American Idol" contender Laura Alaina. Big BIG news here.)

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  1. Your shed has a window!? Who needs a guest house? I'll just stay in the shed :)