Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's a Chick Day

We've lived in the Chattanooga area now for about 10 months, but we haven't spent any time exploring the city itself. Getting running water in the cabin always seemed more important. And heat. And electricity ...

Mom to the rescue.

City exploration isn't really Mason's thing. I mean, he likes a bit of it, if a beer joint is thrown into the mix, but ...

Today Mom and I DID Chattanooga. We started with the Hunter Museum of American Art, where Mom was able to rattle off all of the big (and not-so-big) artists' names and their reps. Then we did a quick tour of the Arts Bluff District (galleries, cafes and coffee shops) and lunched at the 212 Market, which is a local food/organic eatery. Dogs welcome. Big supporter of our local NPR station. You know, Nan's kinda eatery.

The city's free electric bus took us down to Warehouse Row, a high-priced shopping district that's half empty but features the super cool Revival home decor store, where we got some good ideas for the cabin that we're sure to steal!

Then it was up to the North Shore shopping area, so I could walk up and down every aisle of the new Whole Foods store.

And when we got home, we collected beautiful fall leaves while we took Nick the Dog on his nightly walk.

A girls' day out or what?

And as a bonus, Mason and Nick got to go to the landfill AND the Home Depot!! Everybody was a winner today on Flat Top.

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  1. Nan:

    Greetings to Gerri! Sorry I haven't kept up, but got distracted by the birthday boy (Wednesday) in my house (Dean). So, Gerri and Dean must meet some day to share their Scorpian tales of adventure.

    Loved the pic of Gerri on the porch, somehow fitting in perfectly with the tractor in her matching red hat and socks.

    Make sure to whip up a batch of buttermilk biscuits that y'all learned from the Johnson clan. :)

    P.S.: I took Dean out for a little dinner on Tuesday night (just us) and then to a swing dance lesson. SAdly our car got broken into and Dean's expensive work laptop was stolen. My car's getting fixed today ($$$), and Dean's got to order a new computer (grrrr!). Most expensive swing dance ever!

    P.S.S.: Hugs to Gerri!