Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Momma's in the House

Well look who's on Flat Top? Momma Gerri Williams! She arrived Monday, on her birthday, and will be here a week! Brave woman, willing to take on the rigors of off-the-grid living.

Today's goal was to let Mom completely unwind and breathe in the mountain air. We walked Nick, twice. Stacked firewood that Mason cut. Discussed the kitchen remodel. Then there was lunch. She sketched a drawing of the tractor...

... then took a nap. We even found time for a hand of Rummy. Is that not a good day, people? Flat Top delivers.

Did you check out those hip sneaks this hip grandma Mom's got?

Tomorrow we hit Chatt-town. The art museum and a few shops. Needless to say, Mason will be staying on the mountain. Wise choice.

1 comment:

  1. you're overrun with visitors! and your off-the-grid life seems chic-er and more comfortable than our on-the-grid life. your bathroom, for instance.... i saw photos on plesser's blog. your house is incredible. and you did it all yourselves.