Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Kiss

Today was Mason's birthday. And yes, people, this is what 61 years will do to you. (Nick the Dog wasn't complaining, though.) Well, maybe it was just that one year on Flat Top that pushed him over the top. Or maybe it was the two beers at lunch or the pitcher of Bud at the bowling alley. Yup, that's how we celebrated today.

We only bowled two games and neither of us did too well; even the lithe blond teenager in the next lane scored higher than Mason, and yes, she might have been the reason he was distracted from his usual high-scoring game. Dirty old man.

Gearing up for our first Christmas on the mountain.  I haven't bothered to unpack my small box of holiday decorations, however. In fact, today we talked about what to do on Christmas Day. I think we settled on trying to bring down a treacherous tree that's leaning over our house. May the spirit of the day bring us good luck.

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