Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the Words of Rick Perry: Oops

As much as it pains us to admit it, winter has officially arrived here on Flat Top: It snowed today.

Ohhh, I can't lie: It snowed about a week ago, too.

I know all you Minnesotans are snickering right now. I know, we thought we were moving away from the woes of winter. But eat this, Northerners: It didn't stick. And though snow does fall here from time to time, it rarely sticks.

But it IS cold. Not Minnesota cold, but dipping into the 20s at night. Our new wood stove is seriously earning its keep -- no, no central heating here, not to mention much insulation -- but its new owners have officially logged Lesson #321 of living in the woods: Always cut enough firewood in early summer for the following winter. Oops.

See that pile in the photo? Gone. Weeks ago. And now we're stuck searching for dead trees to take down and cut up. And determining whether a tree is dead when all of our trees have lost their leaves is not really in our skill set just yet. But on the bright side, cutting firewood can work up a sweat.

So in six months, when I'm so busy nurturing those new plants of mine, someone please remind Mason and me to cut down some damn trees. And don't worry, we have plenty to pick from. See:

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  1. Love a wood-burning stove. Glad to hear that you'll have plenty of wood-stockpiling to keep you busy. Nothing new here. Other than work. Video projects piling up like cord wood. Holidays approaching and many presents to buy. Food to cook. Cookies to bake. Can you tell I'm feeling, well, behind? Indeed. Trying to prioritize.

    Ron reports that you have written a lovely Xmas card. I haven't received mine yet. Assuming that is a HUGE faux pas on your part! :) Kidding. Am pretty sure the Johnsons will NOT be churning out a Johnson Journal, but I do have 4 hours in the car coming up, so you never know if I get inspired!

    Gang went out for dinner for DB's 50th birthday, which isn't until Christmas. I believe everyone behaved, though since I was not there, I can't be certain.

    OK back to work. Hugs!