Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why So Quiet?

So why have we been so quiet the last couple of weeks? This is why:

Welcome to our drywalling hell.

While remodeling the guest room, we decided to remedy the fact that there are no closets in our little cabin. None. Some of our clothes hang from electrical conduit that Mason tacked up "temporarily" in the loft on our second day here -- the pipe is still there, of course -- and the rest remain sorted in the plastic bins that we moved them in. The vacuum sits wherever I find a bit of space, as does the beer-brewing equipment. And our camping gear, golf clubs, sewing machine and such are all stuffed in a hidey hole underneath the stairs. Hmm, I guess that's kinda like a closet. So I lied. But I digress.

Shaving about two feet off the entire east wall of the room, we created a wall that will have two closets (one dedicated to beer-making equipment), a desk/shelving area (under the window) and then a giant triangular storage area up high. For those who have mudded drywall, please sympathize that my vision for this Wall O' Closets failed to fully realize what it meant to tape and bed about 40 outside and inside corners.  Then there's all the new drywall throughout the room, which used to have a particle-board ceiling and wood planking on the walls.

I'm the mudder, because I'm the only unskilled laborer in the household; Mason's skills are much too valuable to be wasted on such lowly work. (Besides, he's busy building the crawlspace skirting around the house.) I'm nearly done with the second coat of mud, leaving just one more to go before we can paint. (The color I picked out is called Gray Squirrel, in honor of the flying squirrels we evicted from the room during the remodel.)

Then we have to decide what to put on the floor. And build the desk. And do the trim.  And  it looks like we have more visitors coming in April, so the clock is tick tick ticking.

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