Friday, March 9, 2012

Sneak Peak of Spring -- and The Room

While we were busy working on the guest room, spring officially arrived: My peach tree has blossomed! For you gardening types, I'm also eagerly awaiting my first hellebore bloom. Very exciting stuff! ("Yawn," sez Mason.)

As for the bedroom, we're getting so close! Here's a sneak peak of the new whitewashed wood wall, paint and carpet:

We're working on the finishing touches now: the built-in desk and the closet shelving. Of course, poor Mason is still trying to build stuff while I'm dragging in rugs and chairs and artwork, and sweating over real important stuff such as bedskirts and curtains.

We're making the desk out of some of the wood planks that we took off the walls (do I get points for repurposing, Lo?). I know the wall planks had a cabin charm to them, but the main part of the cabin has the wood planking throughout, so we thought the guest room could use a bit of relief.

 The new desk planks are on their 3rd coat of varnish; I think one more will do the job. See:

We promise, the official before-and-after pix are coming soon!


  1. so where are those before-and-after photos??? i wish you could see the apricot tree in bloom right now (that's right, march 23) in our back yard.