Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome Home To Us!

These beautiful hot-pink azaleas were a welcome sight Monday, when we returned to the mountain after two weeks in Texas. Gorgeous!!

Ahhh, Texas! Nothing like two solid weeks of crowds, traffic, chores, countless meals out and family to remind us why we retreated to the mountain in the first place! OK, OK, the family, meals and chores weren't so bad, but the traffic and the crowds? How did we ever deal with all those "too many people in the world" on a daily basis?

As soon as we got home, we cracked open a home brew and took our positions on the front porch, listening to the birds and soaking up the sunset.

But our moment of rest is now over. We're cranked up in visitors-are-coming mode. Our good friends from Minnesota -- Karen, Dino, Matthew and Tascha -- are coming on Monday for spring break, and we can't wait to see them! (Bonus: We're getting a clay-pigeon thrower thingee so we can all shoot stuff while they're here. Believe it or not, we haven't fired off any rounds in the 14 months we've been here. Oddballs, we are, by Tennessee standards.)

And the guest room is SO almost ready for them. Yes, that's right, by Monday, I'll finally get those before-and-after photos posted.

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