Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Bedroom: Before and After

Before: Flying squirrels living in the ceiling; walls covered in wood planks of all sorts of sizes, none of them the same; half-dozen leaks in the roof; a light powered by an extension cord; vinyl tiles atop laminate atop rotting subfloor.

And after (OK, the desk isn't finished yet. Get off our backs!):

Now accepting reservations. Mid-April and mid-June are already booked! Not to mention today's arrival of the Balafas family!!


  1. Well shit. Now I feel cheated.

    I'll just have to come back ;)

  2. We've been saying, folks might come once to see what we've done with our lives, but the real test will be if anyone ever comes back for a second visit!!

  3. i can't believe it. you guys are just built different. we can't seem to get the screen fixed on the back door.