Monday, April 23, 2012

Step One: Cut Hole in House

Nothing more nerve-racking than cutting a giant hole in the side of your house, especially on one of the coldest days of spring. But sure enough, Mason came through once again.

Within 10 minutes of cutting out the hole, the new window was screwed into place, and WHAMMO, what a difference with so much more light inside!

The next step is ripping up the floor. We're gonna put in a tile floor (checkboard, gray and off-white, on the diagonal) in the kitchen. The rest of the house will get new off-white stained wood floors once we're certain we can afford it. But before we can tile the kitchen floor, we're gonna go buy the new gas range (!!) and IKEA cabinets. People, this is very VERY exciting. DO you SEE that stove in the photo (which is now and for the next two months, probably, in the middle of the room!) that I've been living with for that past 15 months? Even one of my bestest friends, Cindy, deemed it "grimey." The girl don't sugar-coat it. Let the good times begin ...


  1. Hey! Y'all got right to it. Thanks again for a great two days. I left Flat Top with two ticks (Chris made it unscathed). Had a helluva time finding a place with matches. Damn the smoking bans - a cigarette lighter just won't do when you need to get a tick unleashed. We arrived home last night/Sunday with a pack full of good memories (and a brain full of health care gobbledeegook.)Keep on rockin' off the grid. Jackie

  2. nothing like lots of sunlight. love the window!

  3. You're very brave to just go ahead and cut a hole into your house. How fortunate that the window fit right into it. It does look better with all that light. Good luck with the rest of the project. I will be following it from this point on.