Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break

Leave it to us to persuade the Balafases to spend their spring break in the backwoods of Tennessee. But we think once the week was over, no one was too disappointed with the adventure. Well, maybe Tiko, their white fluffball of a dog, who by Day 4 was sticking real close to their car so he didn't get left.

We fished, shot up some things, even baked cookies and sticky buns. Dino did a lot of grilling for us, and believe me, no one went hungry. Well, maybe Matthew, but he's a teenage boy; he's always hungry. There was card playing (and sadly, yes, videogame playing), catnapping (that's Karen in the hammock, above), hair braiding, hiking and even tractor rides.

And they also took one for the team (for any future visitors, that is), checking out Chattanooga's famed Ruby Falls (worth it if you've never been in a cave) and Rock City (sooo not worth it).

Some photos from the week:

Shooting clay pigeons
Tascha, our skeet thrower ("Pull! ... Yes, NOW.")
Matthew taking a 12-gauge butt to the shoulder
Ceviche and cervezas on the front porch
Tascha making the famous Balafas cookies
Matthew on the iPad
"Hunger Games"-crazed Tascha braided a "Katniss" in Nan's hair 
Nan's braiding attempt in Tascha's hair
And Tiko, in his safe place, watching Dino ride the tractor


  1. wow, those braids are so cool. i wonder if my hair would do that?

    1. Bet your hair would be way better for it than my super thinning gray strands! Tascha and I always "do" each other's hair when we see each other.