Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boots and More Boots

For those who've visited, you know that I have traded in all my nicer footwear and now live almost exclusively in Wellies. You know, rubber boots. I wear them on hikes and walks, while gardening or even just walking the paths around the house when I first wake up in the morning -- surveying my empire. 

In the nearly two years we've lived here, I've gone through four pairs. Amazing, I know.

I've been partial to the dusty pink ones from Tractor Supply, but they do seem to wear out quickly. See those cracks across the top of my arch? Not so good when wading the local creek or watering plants or digging in dirt. (Not to mention they lose their snake-proofness.) So this time 'round I forked over an extra $10 for this brown "kids" pair from the Sportsman's Warehouse. Oh good lord. I can still remember those days when I shopped at Nordstrom and Banana Republic. How far I've fallen ... or is it how far I've come?!

I sure do love me my boots. So when I was in Texas, I picked me up some I can wear into town. I found these red boys' cowboy boots at a thrift store. I thought they were a bit pricey at $15, but lemme tell you, I can't wear them into town without getting a compliment on them. They're nothing special, except to me, maybe.

Unrelated notes: See that sunshine in that top photo? It's been gloriously lovely here lately. Supposed to hit 70 on Thanksgiving. Now there's something to celebrate! Enjoyed that sunshine thoroughly while planting 100 daffodil bulbs the other day.

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  1. girlfriend, you are ready for some line-dancing!!! LOVE those red boots.