Monday, November 12, 2012

My Amazing Friends

When I left Minneapolis, I had a tearful goodbye hug with a group of co-workers. That's because they were so much more than co-workers. These women had been incredible friends -- and they continue to be! And one of them came to visit yesterday: Courtnay!!

This gorgeous woman, her husband and their adorable boy Bodhi braved a night on Flat Top en route to Atlanta to see family. See how conveniently located the cabin-at-the-end-of-the-world is? (That's what our insurance man called it ... and he's a local.)

But seriously, I never EVER thought so many of my Minneapolis friends would make the journey here, and I just feel so lucky. AND LOVED!

It was a whirlwind visit, but we made the most of it, despite an inch of rain and Nick the Dog's undesirable desire to herd Bodhi (which meant Nick spent most of the visit leashed to the couch).  We're hoping a little of our hyper-relaxed psyche rubbed off on them, getting their well-deserved vacation off to a good start.

So those other Minneapolis women? They got wind that I may have complained about not having enough bowls, so they sent an early Christmas gift via Courtnay: a box full of bowls! They each picked one out, without consulting one another, and each one absolutely reflects the woman who picked it out. I LOVE THEM -- the bowls and the women.

Look, they even each came with their own lovely card! Seriously people, these women spoil me.

Courtnay also spoiled us with our greatest-ever haul of old magazines, the perfect pastime for rainy and lazy days up here:

And she also gave us another gift: a lovely photo of us on our walking trail that I'm thinking I may just save for the annual Christmas newsletter, so you'll just have to wait for that one.

Thank you Courtnay, for everything!


  1. what a great gift those bowls are.

  2. and dang if i'd known she was coming i would have sent along some books. let me know the next time you're expecting guests from the twin cities!

  3. Thanks Laurie! Will do! Currently reading "Cloud Atlas." On page 400-something and engaged, but still awaiting an ah-ha moment.

  4. Bowled me over, hahaha! Seriously, what a great and bountiful gift from those very cool women. Lovely blog post.

  5. glad you like! i never saw the whole collection before it left mpls., so fun to guess what everyone chose just by personality. not very hard, really.
    i love reading your blog!