Tuesday, January 15, 2013

6 Inches and Still Falling

The creek, flowing up and over our road
Today is Day Five of the Rain That Wouldn't Stop. Since Saturday, we've been holed up inside the cabin, venturing out only for Nick's walks. And sometimes, we won't lie, we screwed him on that second walk and just stayed by the fire.  Stuck inside, we whitewashed more walls, played cards, cooked and ate, and ate some more. And tomorrow? It's supposed to rain all day. Thursday? A brief clearing before ... wait for it ...  MORE rain.  We're told we might see the sun on Saturday.

Above, that's the little creek that runs under our road just below our property gate, except that today, it was pouring over the road -- only about 3 inches was sweeping over about 15 feet of the road, but if you've seen this little creek in its usual state, you'd be impressed.

Flowing off the road
On Mark and Lisa's property
3 inches flowing over our road (and my cute boots)

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  1. Sorry you've been soggy. But the boots are dang cute! Just caught up on your posts ... all the way back to New Year's. Moonshine and all. Hope all is well!