Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Girl's Got a Home

Our tractor finally has a dry place to call home! Way to go, Mason!
When we built that second shed, more than a year ago, we had planned to create a shelter between the two sheds where we could park our beloved tractor. Finally, the girl's got a home! Even more impressive? Mason got it built in a day!!

Our tractor was kind of an impulse buy when we first moved to Flat Top. Mason wanted it. We weren't really sure what we'd use her for, but damn she was cute, so why not buy her, right?  For the first year or so, she got parked in various spots around the landscape -- our version of yard art. But when it rained -- and lemme tell ya, people, it rains about 54 inches a year here -- we had to cover her in an ugly tarp.

Then I got a free greenhouse from some neighbors. Nothing fancy, just a plastic tarp over metal hoops. But before I could load her up with plants, Mason parked Miss Tractor inside it.  Two years and several storms later, the greenhouse was in pieces and our girl was back under the tarp.

Alas, she now looks like she was born to live between our sheds.

And as you can see from the photos, while Mason's been building, I've been busy planting. Big surprise, right?

That's a Saute Sunset azalea ... AND Mason's latest work.


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