Monday, March 7, 2011

Battery Charger Woes

Getting running water in the bathroom has been waylaid by cold, wet weather (3 inches of rain in 24 hours) and by battery charging complications that have kept Mason busy.

Seems our old charger wasn't strong enough to power our six-deep-cycle-battery bank, so we UPS'd in a new charger that worked gloriously for a day before we heard an electronic POP! and the smell of smoldering wiring. Seems its fan blew a gasket. ARGH. We'll limp along with a car battery charger for now until we get a replacement. We have power when we want it, thanks to the workhorse of a generator, but we need the battery power to help run the fridge overnight and during the day when we're not generating. The whole battery bank system has been a true challenge. Any battery experts out there we don't know about?

Meanwhile, while Mason's been tied up in the utility room, I've been busy with real important stuff: unpacking all of our knickknacks and artwork and hanging curtains. Here's the living room's latest incarnation:

But on a humorous note: Our well house door has an exterior latch to keep it tightly closed. Mason was in the well house the other day tending to something, when the wind blew the door shut. Just as he heard the latch click, he realized he had neglected to install a release lever on THE INSIDE OF THE SHED!
The generator (next to the shed) was running, the wind was blowing pretty good and I was off a ways playing with Nick, but after a little while I did notice a whistling sound coming from the shed and released the trapped, whistling Mason. Tomorrow, he's installing that release latch. Live and learn, my friends. Live and learn. 


  1. Um, this place looks gorgeous. Seriously. You are doing an amazing, amazing job.

  2. Angus is honored to have made the cut.

  3. your living room is so cozy. it is freezing here. and snowing.