Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nothing to do but brew

Let the countdown begin. We're now just one month away from tossing back home-brewed copper and Belgian blonde ales. There, on the back porch with Mason, that's a kettle full of brew (well technically it's called wort at this stage, but that really doesn't sound quenching, does it?). It's being chilled with the help of a bilge pump and rainwater we collected in that blue barrel.  Aren't we green? We made two five-gallon batches, which translates into four cases of beer. I won't tell you how long that will last here on Flat Top, because Mom reads this blog, too, and she's got enough to worry about!

The fresh batches of brew come compliments of one of the rainiest Marches in Chattanooga history. We moved here in what was one of its coldest winters on record, and now we've been inundated with rain. They keep telling us this isn't normal, but we're skeptical. Neither of us takes too well to being caged inside, so Mason turned to brewing and I ordered $100 worth of Penzey Spices and started doing more cooking, despite the challenging kitchen arrangements. (That's right Mr. Mouse, I'm talking about YOU.) We also killed some time buying me a car: a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4x4. I'm ashamed at its gas mileage and suburban mom appeal, but thrilled with its umph climbing our hilly, rocky, muddy roads.

Sunshine and 70-degree temps return Saturday.  Back to the gardening!!


  1. Is Mason single handedly trying to resurrect the Marlboro Man? First the pose in the bathroom and now relaxing by the still. All he needs is a Stetson! As for the "new" car, Edmunds states "Some things never change, and the Jeep Cherokee is one of those mainstays. The ever-practical, affordable Cherokee simply keeps on rolling, looking little different now than when it was first introduced in 1984. Utilitarian and upright it is, but with a compelling personality that even the Grand Cherokee lacks. Relatively comfortable on the road, the compact Cherokee is capable of strutting its stuff when the going gets rough. Despite its age, the compact Jeep sport-utility remains a sensible choice in its field, more capable than most SUVs of heading into the woods at a moment's notice. What more can anyone ask of a moderately priced on/off-roader?
    Sounds tailor-made for Flat Top!

  2. our jeep cherokee is 12 years old and still going strong.

  3. Great minds brew alike; Dean's got a batch of Belgian triple in the primary fermenter as I type. If Dean bottles it (instead of canister) and it holds, we'll try to save a few bottles for the trip. But that's a lot of ifs!