Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Project M-I-C-E (and back door)

See that gaping hole underneath our back door? Well last night a fat gray mouse scurried under it and made a beeline for kitchen cabinets that I've refused to use since we moved in, to Mason's frustration. About 30 minutes later, the damn rodent charged out from under the stove as I cooked dinner (the same stove we found a nest built in the broiler when we moved in -- I only use the stovetop portion).  Mason later confessed the sighting of a mouse in our new well house, and meanwhile there've been signs in the bathroom (dislodged insulation littered with aging deer corn) and the main floor bedroom (which is our junk room until we build the pole barn).

Enough said. Operation Kill Mouse and Install New Back Door has been launched. The well house critter was the first to fall to Mason's traps; he's now resting in peace in the timber company land next door, waiting for one of the hawks to carry him away. And rest assured, I will not rest (seriously) until the house is cleansed.

The back door project had been high on our list anyway. As you can see, the existing door is as airtight as Swiss cheese. When we were in Texas, we picked up some French doors off Craigslist. They'll let in a lot more morning light, but hopefully much less cold/warm air (and fewer of the aforementioned mice).  Give us a few more days and we'll get you a photo of our work.


  1. When I had my rats in my car problem (as one is wont to have), I was urged to plug all possible entry areas with steel wool. Don't know if you have any around, but it was a very effective stopgap measure for me in the garage rafters AND my glovebox.
    P.S. They love leather, think it's caviar. Just ask my backseat. A word of warning for your shoes, wallets, leashes...

  2. i wish i were handy. i would love french doors.