Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let In The Light

OK, the French door project is nearing completion. Here's the "before" photo (note the fortress-like bolt on that door! And you can't see it, but the lower hinge was "shimmed" using a pencil -- don't ask -- and, as you saw in a previous post, the door was a sieve when it came to keeping out the cold air -- and mice -- while keeping out the light):

And in the "after" photos, let there be light!!:

Mason did a kick-butt job of taking down all the siding on the outside and recutting to fit the new doors, not to mention building his own door jamb. Me? I'm responsible for the painting -- the grunt work. The inside shots show how we haven't quite finished the job. All the inside wood planks had to be taken down for the job, too, and we don't want to put it back up until we've purchased doors for the bathroom and utility room that are also against that wall.

Now, as for that big old bolt lock on that old door? When we first moved in, I feared it was to keep out the four-legged critters, particularly bears. But since then, we've learned that bears aren't really a problem. Instead, the bolt was intended to keep out the two-legged critters  -- thieves. Of course the French doors make it all the easier for someone to break in, but our outlook is that any burglars could as easily break a window to get into the house as they could break through the French doors, so screw it. Besides, we live here full-time, as opposed to previous owners, who left the cabin unattended for weeks on end.

So, let there be light.

The next big projects? A new front door, and a shed. ... And searching for fun things to do with the tractor!!


  1. sweet result! what a job. agreed that thieves will get in if they want to get in.

  2. Consider me wowed. Beautiful job!

  3. beautiful. and thieves, stay away!