Thursday, April 28, 2011

Storm Update

We're safe and sound, fyi. We rode out the storms (which came in about four waves, and an ocean's worth of rain) with home brews and "American Idol" (can't believe I'm admitting that to the e-world). Photos today of destruction in the Chattanooga area, and of course throughout the South, make us feel pretty lucky. It's guaranteed that if a tornado struck our little cabin, it'd be a pile of Pick-Up Sticks. But somehow I think our mountain serves as a buffer against the storm's strength. Despite reports of 80-mph winds in the area, we never saw anything more than 25 or so. The only tragedy for us? We discovered the sunroof in my "new"car leaks.


  1. glad you're ok. how do you get "idol"? do you have satellite tv in your little mountain retreat?

  2. Afraid satellite TV is out of our budget. We have one of them old-fashioned metal TV antennas atop our metal roof, and since we're on a mountaintop, we get a fair number of channels. Of course, no "Mad Men" or HGTV, but we get by.