Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stormy Weather

With the Killer Storms of the South bearing down on us, Mason raced to finish installing the new rain gutters on the back half of the cabin. Nothing like running around with long pieces of metal while lightning is flashing across the sky. (Notice the green trees -- suddenly everything is sprouting and we've realized we live in a damn forest!)

Minutes after he finished, the skies opened up, turning our front driveway into a small creek:

Met some more neighbors on this morning's dog walk; they were hunting Lady Slipper orchids in the forest. How cool is that? Oh yeah, they were also each already drinking a Bud Light. Or Miller Light. Or Natural Light. Of course, it WAS almost noon.

Meanwhile, here's that photo I promised of the new fenced-in storage area for garden stuff. Gonna hang that Tennessee flag there soon enough.

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