Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blame Tascha

It hasn't exactly been an exciting week on Flat Top, but our No. 1 fan, Tascha, has demanded an update, so here it is:

THE GARDEN:  I've been busy, making another pathway around the south side of the house (above). And I've planted about 15 lavender plants, 6 sedums, 2 coral bells and, yes, I broke down and bought a dwarf peach tree. I know it will take all my might to fend the deer off the peaches, but even if I don't get fruit out of the deal, the tree has these beautiful spring pink flowers and then these fabulous bronze leaves that I couldn't resist. I know the photo above looks a bit sad -- give it three years, people.

THE POWER: Mason's been busy chasing down mechanical troubles with the big main generator (the one we need to power the well); tomorrow he'll test a possible solution (too rainy today; but one thing about life on Flat Top, there's always tomorrow). Then we discovered that our old backup generator is dying and not putting out adequate power.  And on top of all that, we've had two big, expensive marine battery chargers poop out on us. It's discouraging and frustrating, but we all know Mason will solve the problems soon enough. (For now, bringing the batteries up with a big, inexpensive automotive charger. All's well.)

THE BEER: Four boxes of beer supplies arrived today. Tomorrow we may cook up our first batch of home brew on the mountain.

THE WHEELS: The hunt for a 13-year-old or older gas-hog of a four-wheel-drive vehicle for $4,000 has turned into a nightmare. Craigslist has been taken over by scammers and idiots. SO, the hunt continues.

THE WEATHER: The week has featured sunny tank-top days and rainy, sit-by-the-fire days. Spring is great, but bring on summer!!


  1. This sounds plenty exciting to me. Just hearing that warmer weather exists somewhere in the U.S. is somehow heartening.

  2. See! The Strib hasn't been burned out of you entirely! I love how you wrote it in a form style! :) And I love the image of you cooking up homebrew on the mountain! So much cooler than when you were homebrewing it from the 'burbs! :) PEACH TREE!!!!!! Awesome! I've been thinking about adding more flower beds to the front of the house and kicking, kicking, kicking myself why I didn't have you create a plan for me before you left! Reason 502 why I miss you!

  3. idyllic as hell. even without working generators.
    once again, i think, WHY AM I NOT HANDY? i would die on that mountain. but i'm glad you guys are thriving.