Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Flames, Big Plans

Remember those 60-foot-tall trees we took down to make room for the pole barn? Well, we're reusing most of their trunks for the pole barn uprights, but it was time to do away with all those little limbs. FIRE! (OK, yes, ideally we'd chip them and make mulch, BUT we sold our chipper in Minneapolis and haven't splurged on a new used one yet.)

Fires with Mason are always an adventure, and the flames generally are much higher than reasonable people would allow. (Just ask the Edina cop who knocked on our door around 1 a.m. one night when the old man was burning off scrap construction wood in the front yard.)

Today we went to town and stocked up on supplies. Our goal is to stay on the mountain for five days straight. The new propane fridge is stuffed full, we have a long list of projects to keep us busy and there is PLENTY of home brew available. Any bets on whether Mason can make it five days without a meal out?

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  1. When we were kids, the fire department had to come out multiple times, sirens blazing and everything. He certainly knows how to make a fire.