Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome Home

After two weeks in Texas -- and two days of driving home sans air-conditioning, -- we are very happy to be back at Flat Top Manor.  Though when we pulled up in front of our little cabin, we both experienced the same reaction: "Hmmm, it still looks pretty shabby, don't it?" But after we got the ferns back up on the porch, watered the plants (sadly we lost a few for lack of moisture) and picked up a tree's worth of small branches that had apparently fallen during a weekend storm, it started to look a bit better.

So alas, all the more reason for us to launch right back into the projects. Within 24 hours of getting home, we were priming the new front door. Once we get that painted and installed, we'll take the old front door and install it on the shed and finish up that project. Then, dare I say, the bathroom remodel?

We also had a treat waiting for us when we arrived: The only "neighbors" we hadn't met yet  -- a couple from Florida -- who own the parcel just north of us. We were told they only come up to the mountain once or twice a year. Their's is the lot sporting just a shed with attached porch, a fire pit and the Confederate flag.

Our fears were of survivalists still fighting The War of Northern Aggression. But we couldn't be more pleasantly surprised. The couple -- about our age and vacationing in RVs with their parents, brother, daughter, a niece and two dogs -- are the friendliest folk we could ask for. And yes, beer drinkers, too, so that doesn't hurt. They bought their land about five years ago and tell a hilarious tale of their real estate agent (driving a Hummer and wearing spike-heeled boots) finding the property for them.

So, three cheers: for a good vacation, good neighbors and being home again. Stay tuned, there's GOT to be a tractor tale on the near horizon, I'm thinking.

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