Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Check out these behemoth blackberries! We bought them at the farm stand at the "end of our street" (that's about 6 miles down the road where we hop onto the highway). They musta been grown in the greenhouse (with plenty of fertilizer), because all the wild berry bushes on the mountaintop are just starting to darken and are still quite bitter. But soon we'll be picking 'em off the bushes that line our property!

Now don't ask where the photo of that new front door is. We managed to putter all week and weekend and not get to that project. But on the other hand, the shed is nearly done, and I've put in some trees (deep red crape myrtles -- OH, so Southern), shrubs and perennials. I also started building the mulch pathway from the house to the shed and started planting alongside it. Yes, yes, photos of all those will come soon, too.

The weather has entered quite the pattern here. The day starts cool, heats up quickly to quite sticky levels, then thunderheads come rolling in and drench us with late afternoon or evening rain. We're told it's not usually this stormy here, so I guess we have climate change to blame. The rainy evenings have been perfect for brewing beer, though, so the cellar has been replenished with a Belgian lawnmower Saison, a California steam and a honey amber ale. Cheers!

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