Saturday, July 23, 2011

Introducing (Dramatic Pause) the SHED

And we are so happy it's finally done!! All of Mason's tools are now tidy, organized on a peg board or on one of the many shelves he built. He also built a workbench and separate table for the pipe vise.

You'll see that the old front door of the house got recycled on the new shed (I secretly like the horseshoe/star door knocker). Mason got a bit creative with the vertical striping, but it IS his shed, so I've promised not to harp on him about it TOO much more. (But it's overkill, I tell ya!)

And a cute little couple of lizards seem to have adopted the shed as their new home, enjoying the shade underneath it. We've named them Henry and Henry's Girl.  We even put out a little flat rock (underneath the window) so they can sun themselves.

Eventually a pole barn will be built right next to the shed, but with our first guests coming in a month, we're moving on to the bathroom remodel, which really, truly is going to start tomorrow.

OH, and here's the front porch with the new stain all finished. That's one side of the cabin done, about 8 more sides to go:

And here's where we hung out in the "back yard" while we were banished from walking on the porch waiting for the stain to cure:

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