Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're In It Now

Yes, that's right. There's a giant hole in the front of our little house. Nick the Dog looks a little worried about it, too, doesn't he? (It's the camera; he hates it.)

Mason seriously got jiggy with it this weekend and made great progress on the project he had been avoiding for weeks. Just getting started is the hardest part, he always says. I beg to differ; I thought it looked pretty hard yesterday, when he was on his back prying siding off the house on a 90-degree day with 80 percent humidity. I promise, I wasn't eating bon bons. I got to scrub clean and stain the wood siding that got temporarily removed during the project -- the first step toward staining the entire exterior.

After a long day Saturday, with the sunlight fading into the forest, Mason got the new door -- which you can see in the background here -- hinged into place. We slept with just a chair and a nail keeping the door shut. Today he worked on the jamb and threshold a bit, but then it was beer-brewing time. Priorities, my dears.

By tomorrow, if all goes as planned, the project will look nearly done from the outside. Stay tuned for before and after photos!!

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