Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our New, Spacious Bathroom

The bathroom remodel continues at full force. The demo was completed on Tuesday. Today, we finished the day with a new vent stack for the septic tank (trust me, it ain't sexy but it's OH so important), a new medicine cabinet framed out and ... a new shower (outdoors, that is):

Here's our new temporary shower quarters while we build a new one indoors. Mom Williams insisted we hang the shower curtains, even though I explained that there was no one around to see a damn thing -- as if there was a damn thing to see. (If you're sharp, you'll notice the beer on the blue water barrel. Oopsie -- busted!) I built the little wooden path out to the tub. Tomorrow we'll elevate it onto some logs, to keep the dirt off.

(FYI, Johnson family: When you come visit, at least two of us have to opt for the outdoor option every day, to spare the septic any overload. Trust me, we wouldn't want that!!)

While Mason slaved on the bathroom remodel, I've been working on scrubbing down the south side of the house, in preparation for staining. What a difference a scrubbing makes:


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