Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Outsiders Among Us

Flat Top Mountain was invaded last week by our very first visitors: Milwaukee-ites Cindy and Dean Johnson and brave sons Jake, 17, and Aaron, 14, and their pup, Lili. Yes, we officially love them more than any of you.

We rafted down the 1996 Olympic-worthy Ocoee River rapids, swam in a local swimming hole (or what's left of it in this drought), ate too much and drank a bit more than we ate. The Johnsons also jet-skiied with Dean's longtime friend and zip-lined at Ruby Falls. In between, there was also a Flat Top hike (we found a couple of cabins that are so tucked away that they make us look like we're sitting in the middle of Times Square. Seriously.),  a small bit of fishing, an excursion into the urban wilds of Chattanooga and a mean card game of Up and Down the River.

When they left, Jake said, "It wasn't as bad as I was expecting." I took that as the best compliment an old lady could get from a teenager dragged along on one last family summer vacation before his senior year in high school.

What? You want photos from their visit? Yeah, we would, too, CINDY!?!??!

Next up on the visitor list: the oh-so-hip Plessers of Minneapolis in late October, quickly followed by my mom, Gerri, the most adventurous 70-something-year-old I know. Oh yes, lots of projects are on the to-do list before then. First up: Finishing the bathroom. I promise, photos will be posted as soon as the paint is dry.

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