Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sneak Preview

I think today was our 18th or 19th day of showering outside; we've started to lose track. But tomorrow? Oh yes, big plans. The shower is tiled and was ready to go tonight, but of course we bought shower curtain rings that are too small for the wood dowls we stained and varnished for the curtain rings, so the first shower in the new bathroom will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here's your sneak preview of the tile scheme and shower floor:

We're not done yet. of course. We still have to install the bathroom door, the drywall on that wall and the ceiling, and then mud/tape and paint the whole 5' x 7' room.  Umm, yeah, Johnson family (who arrives Sunday), you may have to endure an unfinished ceiling. But hey, we got the shower done! Not to mention the toilet reinstalled; it had been removed three times during the process. Mason says word to the wise: Stock up on No. 1 wax ring kits if you're doing a bathroom remodel, but go with No. 10 (40% more wax) for the final installation.

Let's be honest: We're exhausted. We're not used to putting in long (6-7 hours of actual work) days. The tiles cut our fingers; the mortar dried them out like jerky, then the grout? Brutal for grinding sand into those cuts the tile left behind. Yes, there was bickering and whining. But the worst is over!!!

Before you get the final photos, we'll contrast that with exactly how awful that bathroom was ...

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  1. This bathroom is so .... un-Hicksville! i'm just hoping you'll add some fake flowers at some point