Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Progress Report

So the new shower is framed and hardibacker-ed (don't ask) and ready to be tiled, floor to ceiling, tomorrow, which means Mason and I should be fighting by noon. My theory is start tiling in the most visible corner, so you get the most visible area in a good, pretty pattern, but Mason says starts in the invisible corner and let  the pieces fall as you go. He's SO gonna lose this fight.

So the new sink and new giant mirrored medicine cabinet are installed. Nice view out the new window, huh? Don't worry, there'll be an opaque shower curtain for privacy.

On an unrelated note...

So the past two times we've gone into town, our lunch stops have reminded us that perhaps we are taking a bit too well to the rural life. Both times, lunch turned into sensory overload as we felt bombarded by the crowds, noise and, well, people. We LOVE the chance to have someone else cook for us, but the whole obnoxious environment of modern humanity completely overwhelms us at times.  I'm just not sure this is a good sign ...