Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day on Flat Top

I know, everyone thinks it's a little weird that Mason and I each get along so well with our respective ex-spouses, but how's THIS for strange: My ex, Mike, and his wife, Glenda, and their daughter, Teagan, came to visit us on Flat Top this past week and celebrated Father's Day here!

That's Teagan, above, making a hell of a game out of throwing bean bags at her dad as he tried to relax in our now-famous hammock. They flew from Minneapolis to Nashville and drove a rental car down and spent two days soaking up the Flat Top lifestyle. In addition to the usual walks, naps and card games, we also borrowed some neighbors' canoes and went for a little paddle in the little lake here.

By Day Three, urbanite Mike was ready for some signs of civilization, so we headed downtown for a walk on the pedestrian-only Walnut Street Bridge and out to lunch. Then Teagan, with Glenda and me in tow, spent an hour in kids' heaven: a water fountain park where kids get to run through circles and circles of splashing water. Mike and Mason? They were supposed to be retrieving the car, but they also decided to hit a bar to throw back beers and watch soccer. Some things never change.

Once they had their Flat Top fill, we trekked east about three hours to the shadows of the Smokey Mountains and rented a "cabin." (Air-conditioning? Satellite TV? And a dishwasher? Mason and I would call it more of a chalet). The next day we did the Smokies. Beauuuutiful area! But here's a tip: Avoid Pigeon Forge. It's the town north of the Smokey Mountains and it's a complete tourist trap for families -- Mason's coined it the Hillbilly Vegas Strip.

From there, Mike et al. drove to the Mammoth Caves in southern Kentucky, then did a couple of nights in Nashville eating at the foodie restaurants and hitting the Grand Ol' Opry for some live music.

We, however, headed home, where it's been summer-hot and we've been lazy ever since. Tomorrow's Monday, so maybe that will motivate us to get back on that kitchen, where we still have to tile the backsplash, install toe-kicks on the cabinets, finish some painting and put up some towel racks. Oh, that kitchen island? It's done and we LOVE it! It was the central gathering place for our guests. Can't wait for you all to see it in person! (Yes, indeed, I am a tease.)

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