Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sneak Peak of the NEW Kitchen

OK, so it's been a while, but I promise it's only because we've been working so hard, it almost feels like we have jobs. OK, I lie, it's nowhere NEAR that bad. No matter how hard we work, we dutifully get in about 10 hours of sleep (heaven) and once we do get to work, after our leisurely breakfast routine, we only have to answer to each other (yeah, that's a bit rougher on Mason, poor guy) -- and to Nick the Dog, who still gets his two walks a day, rain or shine. But we HAVE been hitting it pretty hard.

To start with, we made a total of FOUR trips to Atlanta -- without air-conditioning, mind you -- to get everything we needed from IKEA. A neighbor up here on the mountain says she'd rather get a whoopin' than go to Atlanta. And believe me, she's serious.

So above is a sneak peak. Look at those island cabinets -- drawer heaven, no more gray plastic tubs!! All we have left to install is the island countertop, some lighting and the tiled backsplash. We MAY get to it all before Saturday, when guests -- my ex, Mike, and his most-excellent wife, Glenda, and their Mandarin-speaking 7-year-old, Teagan -- arrive for a visit!!  So maybe you'll get the full pics by then. Or not. Whenever. Chill, people.

And thank you, Colleen and Laurie, for prodding me for an update.