Monday, June 11, 2012

Island Dreams

Today was a big day for the kitchen: creating one island countertop from two pieces of butcherblock.

It was the first time Mason had used a biscuit joiner, so there were some nerves involved. We know it looks more like a torture table right now, but give us a few days. All those clamps and tie-down straps are keeping the two pieces tightly together while the glue sets and the biscuits expand in their slots.

Then we'll sand the thing and turn one corner into a nice curve and do some more sanding. Then there's oiling. For three days. Finally, we'll be sitting at the island counter, throwing back homebrews in celebration. Oh wait, we do that EVERY night.

Meanwhile, today, about 18 months after packing up our kitchen in Minnesota, I finally unpacked it. So  glad to have access to my George W. Bush commemorative shot glass once again.


  1. Hey! Looks great so far. More pics, please!

  2. You're just gonna have to wait til it's done, missy. Dvoraks coming this weekend!