Friday, May 2, 2014

Derby Day

Love these azaleas. Need to buy many more!
Those who know me well know my family's tradition of celebrating the Kentucky Derby with Mint Juleps and some friendly wagering. Well, tomorrow's the big day. But the race we're running here is all about getting ready for our next round of guests willing to brave Flat Top.

Arriving Sunday are Mason's ex-wife, Karen (he refers to her as "The Keeper"), two of her close friends and Randy, one of Mason's running buddies from his 20s. They'll shack up in our shack, while Mason and I do a little camping in the back yard. Classy, eh?

The azaleas in the yard are just about done blooming, but some of the ones growing down by the creek are still going strong. Tonight I got the ferns hung on the porch, and a few annuals planted here and there for color. We also got a new fire ring dug; this one's in the back yard. Doesn't every house need two firepits?

Columbine, planted from seed.
So we'll be thinking of all you old friends on Saturday. And watch those Mint Juleps; they can sneak up on you! Cheers!

I may regret planting these anemones. ... I hope I can control them.

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  1. The great thing about your traditional Derby Day soirees is that now your pals are sure to think about you at least once every May. And perhaps have a Julepy toast or two.